Enameled 22.5" Cast Iron Grate

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"The new and improved Cast Iron Grate, now 2 pounds heavier. We have added half a pound of cast iron to each insert to make the rods thicker and wider for even better heat retention and branding. -heavy massive cast iron grate weighing about 18,8lbs - 4 cast iron quarters - 1 cast iron ring - preseasoned with soy oil - fits kettle grills with 22-1/2-inch outer diameter, like the Weber Gold and Silver, Outdoorchef, Masterbuilt and Napoleon"

New, now for the first with Enamel! 

Do you live in a super humid area? Then these grates are for you. Finest enamel, the same thick and wide rods for great heat retention and branding. The greatest cooking surface for People that expect the most from their grills. Enameled Craycort Cast Iron Grates are ready for grilling, oil'em up, fire up and start grilling.
This grate offers excellent heat distribution for a great steakhouse branding and, combined with our add-ons, ultimate versatility.
The grates total weight is about 18,8lbs and the system consists of 4 cast iron quarters and 1 cast iron ring. You can replace the grate quarters with various inserts like our griddle, pizzastone, veggie wok or chickenseat.
Lasts a lifetime if cared for properly - you dont have to replace your grate every grilling season.
Fits 22.5" charcoal kettle grills like the Weber Gold and Silver, Outdoorchef and Napoleon, also suitable for large kamados like the super dome, actual diameter 21.4 inch