About us

My name is Rolf Buerkle, back in 2008 a friend introduced me to cast iron. We wondered why there were no pre seasoned cast irong grates for 22.5" Webers any longer. Lodge made a two piece grate, Weber had a grate with a square cast iron grate in the center and flip up sides, it wasnt preseasoned though. Both were not in production anymore. Looking at their shortcomings, the weight and having to remove the whole grate to add coals, were the two most serious. We came up with the ring and insert design. Having a frame made it possible to create all kinds of useful inserts, from griddles and pizzastones, veggie woks and frying pans to a unique chicken sitter. The only way to vertically grill chicken in the Weber with the lid on.

Craycort llc got founded in 2009 to distribute our award winning cast iron grates in North America. Now we sell to the US, Canada, and the UK. For european orders please visit: www.gussrost.de For Australia: www.urbangriller.com/Griller_Shop_CIG.html

Our grates combine the advantages of cast iron with the ease of use of a flip up grid. Stoke the fire and refill charcoal by removing just one insert. While the rest of the food stays on.

All brand names and trademarks are the properties of their respective holders and are referred here for descriptive purposes only. Craycort LLC, 423 W Pinehurst trail, 57049 Dakota Dunes SD

Please call us in the morning: 712 730 4043
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