17.5" x 10.25" Cast Iron Grates (Set of 2)

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This grate offers excellent heat distribution for a great steakhouse branding and, combined with our add-ons, ultimate versatility. -heavy massive...

Cast Iron gives off a more even heat and holds it far longer than steel - great for amazing grill marks/sears

Seasoned Cast Iron Grates provide a non stick cooking surface - brush the grate clean in seconds

Strong & resilient - Cast Iron Grates withstand higher temperatures than normal grates.

And like other good Cast Iron product it will last a lifetime if cared for properly

Our grates are thicker, have more rods and are heavier than most other grates out there.

Size 17.3"" x 10"" , Set of 2 for a total area of 572 X 380mm, 17.3"" x 20"" ""

Fits the new Spirit E-210 and S-210®. Grates for the older 210 models can be found here.