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Our 26.75 inch grill grates are the perfect addition to Weber® kettle grills. They are manufactured of a thick cast iron and are pre-seasoned providing a rust proof, non-stick cooking surface. One of the biggest bonuses of our cast iron grates is the convenience that they come in sections. Instead of lifting the entire grate to add more charcoal, simply lift a small section.

26.75 inch grill grate

This particular grate is the ideal size for cooking numerous meals at one time or simply for avoiding over crowding on your bbq grill top. The 26.75 inch grill is most popular with those who routinely cook for a large crowd.

We understand how busy our customers are and that's why our grates are pre-seasoned in advance, so that you can get to doing what it is that you do best - grilling!

Wipe with a damp cloth before initial use.

Our 26.75 Inch Grill Grates Provide Exceptional Performance

Whether cooking in your kitchen or cooking outdoors, it's important to realize that the first step to providing a delicious meal starts with the  tools and equipment you use to prepare your meal. Baking a cake in a convection oven vs a standard oven will give different results. Why? Because convect heating provides a more even heat distribution than the standard oven. A perfect example of poor heat distribution is when a cake may appear done on the edges, but the middle clearly needs more baking time.

The same holds true when cooking outdoors. The cooking surface you choose for your outdoor grill will determine how well your food will cook. This is why cast iron is considered king when it comes to the best cooking surface available for grilling. The even cooking temperature allows the food to retain the heat through-out which means no part is over or under cooked.

Food Doesn't Burn On Cast Iron Like It Does On Steel And Porcelain

You'll have far less flare ups and sticking with cast iron than you will with stainless steel or porcelain.  When it comes to bbq grill parts, cast iron is extremely durable and can last many, many years with a little care.  For routine maintenance, we recommend that you give a quick brushing (ideally while the grate is still hot) to remove any food particles and maintain the life of your product.  

Here's a great recipe from our friends over at to try out on one of our 26.75 inch cast iron grates


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