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Professional performance grates for Go Anywhere® Charcoal Grills. Our seasoned cast iron grates are built to accommodate the Weber® Go Anywhere® Series. The 14.5" size grid adds the finishing touch to your compact charcoal grill by providing the perfect non-stick cook top.  We season them before they ever reach the market.   

No need to give up a good meal just because you're using a compact grill.  Our grates allow you to cook like pro no matter where you are .  Whether tailgating before a game or traveling the countryside in your RV; you can cook up the same juicy burgers, sausages or steaks and get some pretty impressive sear marks every time.  You'll get the same results from our grates for Go Anywhere Grills® that you would from our larger grids. 

Caring For Your New Grates 

With a little upkeep, your new cast iron grates will probably outlive all the grills you'll ever own.  After you're done cooking, just brush away any remaining food using a good grill brush and brush a light coating of oil over the grate.

Tips For An On The Road Barbecue 

• Pack meats and veggies individually in freezer bags so that you can simply pull out what you need.

• Have your meat marinated or seasoned prior to and ready to toss on the grill.  Place in bags on ice.

• Slice and season your veggies before hand.  Brushing with a little oil helps the seasoning stick to the food a little better.

• Wrap baked potatoes in foil after cooking them on the grill to keep them hot.

• Like bread on the grill?  Try a sliced baguette (only slice it 3/4 of the way through) or another long thin bread if you prefer a  softer crust.  Oil your brush with olive oil and run it through each slice.  Give a little shake of Italian seasoning or your other favorite herbs between the slices and warm for 4 minutes over low heat just long enough to warm.  Great on the grill along side a steak. Just grill enough to warm the bread.

• Hearty condiments such as Chili are a nice topping for hot dogs and sausages.  Canned chili works well as a quick topping accompanied with a little shredded cheddar and diced onion.  Be sure to open and place the chili in a serving container for easy access.

• If using a bbq sauce, don't marinate your meat in the sauce. Baste it just before putting on the grill and baste again when the meat is almost done.  This might be a little messy for a tailgate party.

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