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Our pre-seasoned grill grids take your grilling to the next level and with a little TLC, they will last you a lifetime.  They take roughly 3-5 minutes to heat up, but they hold the heat much longer than any other surface.  Notice in the photo below how our grids are sectioned for added convenience.

grill grids for bge, kamodo or spider

Stainless grids lose their temperature really fast. In fact, it's close to a minute after you add the food to the grill. 

Unfortunately, gas burners just don't provide alot of heat and once the surface loses it's heat (stainless), you're really depending on those burners to help you out!

Porcelain coated grids also can't hold the heat as well as cast iron.

Available Sizes:

  1. Small 14.5" grid fits the small Big Green Egg® and Ceramic Grill Store "Spider"
  2. Large 18.5" grid fits the large Big Green Egg®, large Kamodo® and similar styles and brands like the big steel keg
  3. Extra Large 24" grid fits the XL Big Green Egg® 


Egg Heads And Kamodo Enthusiasts Love Our Grids & Griddles!

Our products are an excellent replacement should you need to purchase new parts for your BGE or Kamodo® Grill Dome.  We offer the most popular sizes including an XL size for the XL Egg!  If you've never used a cast iron grid before, it won't be long before you notice the difference a quality cooking surface can make when it comes to cooking on the grill.  These cast iron grids will provide beautiful sear marks and even heat and flavor through-out.  Our sleek non stick surface keeps your food intact without the worry of burning or sticking.   

We developed our product line as the perfect match for the Big Green Egg®, Kamodo® and similar kettles and smokers.  Plus, you'll love the way our grill grids are sectioned for easy removal of a portion vs having to remove the entire surface.

A Little Up Keep Goes A Long Way!

Like with any new cookware; it's best to clean first. Wipe a damp cloth over the grid before using.   As we mentioned above, with a little tender loving care, your cast iron grid will last a life time.  Although our grates come already pre-seasoned, we recommend giving a coat of oil as time goes on.  We also suggest that you use a grill brush after cooking to preserve the life of the product.

While pre-seasoned cast iron doesn't require a whole lot of maintenace; it does need occasional treatment as mentioned above to preserve its shelf life.  With this care; our cast iron grids will last for years to come!

Customer Testimonial ....

I love my new Craycort.  Thank-you so much, it's AWESOME!!!  B. Herring

Here's a great video featuring a few of our products and accessories and a FREE RECIPE TOO!


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