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Enjoy the best crispy burgers with our amazing patty pusher. Keep the shape of your burger with our adjustable, ringed press.

All new and improved PattyPusher+

-comes with three replaceable ring inserts: 5mm, 8mm and 12mm

-disassemble for easy cleaning

-all laser cut stainless steel

-inner diameter is 5"(12.8cm)

Recommended patty weight:
thin 5mm/0.2" 3 oz thin and stackable
mid 8mm /0.3" 4 oz/quarter pounder
tall 12mm/0.4" 5oz/standard smashburger size

This is not a burger press, the rim shapes the meat and keeps the steam in when you smash the burger.

The meat should be ground loose, ask your butcher for twice ground. Pluck balls from the ground unseasoned meat and weigh them, no shaping or forming, the patty will be held together by the crust.

Get your griddle to temperature, and I dont mean scorching hot or your butter will burn before its time to flip. Put a dab of butter on the griddle, let it melt, place the meat on the butter, cover it with parchment/baking paper/butchers paper/alu foil to prevent it from sticking to the smasher and press it for 10 seconds. Season with a rub/salt n pepper/... When the smashed patty "bubbles" its time to flip. Put cheese on, when the cheese is melted the burger is done.

If you want to stack thinner burgers or just really like crust, go for the 5mm. 8mm is a the quarter pounder, 12mm for thicker and juicier burgers!

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