Grates for 18.5" Weber® Style Grills

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Looking for high quality 18.5 inch grill grates for round or kettle grills? We got em!  Although not the largest, our 18.5 inch grates are excellent for entertaining and grilling several items at one time.  Large enough to hold a half dozen large steaks or more on your Weber® or compatible style grill.! 

They'll fit most round cooking grill styles including the ever popular Weber® grill.  Already pre-seasoned and ready to use.  However, we do recommend giving a quick wipe before using for the first time.  After using, brush the surface clean.  

Get Ready For The Compliments!

Now you can barbecue with confidence and "wow" your guests with perfect grill marks on your burgers, steaks and chops every time.  Plus, because our cast iron grates maintain and hold the heat in, your food will cook evenly through-out. 

Grilling is the perfect way to eat healthier meals while minimizing preparation time and clean up.  You can cook your potatoes and veggies right beside your main course.  Heck, you can even cook rice and pasta dishes on the grill.  But, how well your meal turns out, has more to do with the grilling surface you're using than anything else.

The magic of cooking on cast iron is that it provides a consistent temperature producing fantastic results.  Our 18.5 inch grill grates are perfect for all your back yard BBQ's and cooking fun!

Tip: Since vegetables typically take longer to cook than meat, throw them on the grill first and allow at least 20 minutes cooking time for potatoes and squash.  Or, if you're in a big hurry - soften them in the microwave for roughly 10 minutes and then add them to the grill.

Nobody says it better than our satisfied customers and here's what just one of them had to say .....

"I am very happy with your cast iron grate.  It gives excellent grille marks and some char to the outside, even when I make the interior medium rare."  All the best to you, Emmet


Some tasty recipes from that grill up nicely on our 18.5 inch grill grates:

buttermilk chicken recipe

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