Craycort Cast Iron Grate for 22.5" Kettles

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The original Cast Iron Grate for the 22.5" kettle grills. 2009 we came up with the grate-ring and insert design. A special casting process increases the strength of cast iron ring compared to what the competition offers. Heavy inserts have just the right size to thickness ratio to flex a bit, forgiving without adding too much weight.

The total weight is 18,5lbs
- 4 cast iron quarters
- 1 cast iron ring
- pre-seasoned with soy oil
- fits kettle grills with 22-1/2-inch outer diameter, like the Weber Gold and Silver, Outdoorchef, Masterbuilt and Napoleon, Recteq

- 4 heavy pre-seasoned cast iron grate sections, each weighing 2.2lbs 
- 1 7.5lbs frame holds them in place, our special casting process insures it will never break 

Advantages of the grate ring and insert design: Convenient cast iron cooking on the Weber. The inserts have just the right size to thickness ratio to to flex a bit and be very forgiving without adding too much weight. The ring will hold everything in place, the inserts wont move when cleaning, nothing is more annoying than a center insert when brushing. 

You leave the ring in the grill, always! No more messing around with the whole dirty grate. You can stack the inserts off to one side while tending the coals, when placing a aluminum tray and remove a section or two when smoking or grilling indirect. 

Craycort Cast Iron Grate have been production since 2009. We also offer a large variety of accessories to use with the grate. Just swap in a griddle, pizzastone, chickenroaster or pan frying insert. The actual diameter is 21.5", (543mm)
This grate offers excellent heat distribution for a great steakhouse branding and, combined with our add-ons, ultimate versatility.

Fits 22.5" charcoal kettle grills like the Weber Gold and Silver, Recteq, Outdoorchef and Napoleon, also suitable for large kamados like the super dome, actual diameter 21.4 inch
18.5lbs heavy duty cast iron grate with 4 removable cast iron sections, comes pre seasoned

Replace the grate quarters with various inserts: griddle, pizzastone, veggie wok or chickenseat.

Lasts a lifetime if cared for properly - a grate to keep for all grilling seasons. Though we do recommend to take the inserts inside if you dont use the grill for extended periods.

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